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July 8, 2012

Come let us sing…

by 3arn0wl

There’s a recording of Songs of PraiseSt. Nick’s today, with the Poppleton Chamber Orchestra and Choir.

A pantechnicon of an outside broadcasting unit sits outside the Minster, faithfully recording every reverberating sound.

Hezza Pratt’s in his element, standing at the fulcrum of the musical forces, baton twirling.

And the faithful have been safely gathered in to sing their favourites.  What would they choose?

Well, of course Babababababra-ann chose All things bright and beautiful;

Paul King went for Guide me! O thou great redeemer; and

Prue Vidor requested Lead us Heavenly Father, lead us.

But everyone thought Emily Appleby was simply bragging when she suggested … …. .. …. .. …….. ..!

May 16, 2012


by 3arn0wl

Middle of May and the Pig’s Trotters are keen to go for a walk.  They won’t be out long if the weather’s anything like yesterday though.

Paul King’s sent groups of students out GeocachingHe’s given them coordinates, a GPS and ten tokens.  Wonder who’ll get back first?

D-rover returns – Penny Treat popped into the Flying Pig for a glass of perry, Maison.  She didn’t tarry long but did knit a row of stitches on the H.P. Scarf.

But Sally from the Bourbon line is in a most embarrassing predicament.  She seems to have lost her roving briefs somewhere.

December 16, 2011

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

by 3arn0wl

Paul King would often take a turn around the Castle bailey after work: he found the majesty of the ruins inspiring. He liked to stand and watch the boats go up and down the Burbling and he liked to go over the events of the day in his head.

Today was special though! They were switching on the laser display: sharply focussed beams of light blazing from the keep’s arrow slits, up into the sky and down onto Poppleton.

He was slightly perturbed to see Inspector Force and Sgt. John Constable there, doing a thorough search of the grounds. Apparently they were looking for a missing boy. He was obviously keen to help, and did so until they met Grace Merryweather, who was returning the kisby ring to its container.

December 15, 2011


by 3arn0wl

It’s the second night of Poppleton High’s PantoCinderella, and if it’s anything like last night, Cinders will go to the ball.

But not if Ivy Newbrush and Imin Charge – the Ugly Sisters – have anything to do with it!  Oh no!  They’ve given her enough “homework” to keep her occupied ’til next Summer.

Justin Case was obviously typecast as Buttons, and despite his ungainly manner, he managed to garner the affection of the audience.

P.E. teacher, Paul King played a hapless Baron Hardup, who it seemed had a hard time keeping his lusty daughters in check.  Indeed he was powerless even to prevent Cinders going to the Ball in Vic Aler’s Coach.

At that moment,  the fire alarms went off, and it was unclear to the audience whether it was a real emergency or not, until the handsome Harry Prince burst onto the stage to ask the Ugly Sisters if they’d lost their slippers.  Of course they hadn’t!

And neither had Cinders, who was down in the kitchens enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with Buttons!

November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

by 3arn0wl

Everyone, it seems, has something to be thankful for.

Harry Driver thought it’d been a good season with the girls – there were fewer bull calves than usual for J. W. Constable.

Justin Case was grateful that he didn’t have Mr. King for P.E. today – he hated cross-country running in the cold.

And Murray Merryweather was pleased,  because Wendy had baked a Pumpkin Pie!  😉

November 1, 2011

The world turns on its dark side… It is Winter

by 3arn0wl

Justin Case thought Mr. King’s Assembly would be about someone who’d gone too far with the Trick or Treating, or a warning to behave properly on Mizzy Night, but instead he kept banging on about Sam Hain. Justin had never heard of him. He wasn’t in his Year. He didn’t think he was famous. And he really couldn’t work out how Sam and Summer could be the same person at all. But Summer’s a girl’s name anyway, isn’t it?  Oh.  Perhaps Sam was short for Samantha?  Hmmm.  Nah.  He didn’t know any Samantha Hains either.

But what he really couldn’t understand was why Mr. King spent 20 minutes telling them about how s/he wouldn’t be doing any more ploughing.  At least not this year.

Justin knew that everyone had finished drilling their Winter wheat ages ago.  It was already showing!

October 12, 2011


by 3arn0wl

Could he find it?  No!

Paul King’s lost count of the number of times he’s been out looking for the nano cache.

He’s checked the website – but it’s even more frustrating to read that other Geocachers have located it without any problem.

And every time he goes out searching,  he’s conscious that people are watching him trying to find it, and failing.

Until.  One evening.  Torch in one hand,  GPS in the other,  he finally got it.

And in the fabled words of an actress,  he thought to himself,  .’.. ….. …. … …. ….. ……! 😉