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July 14, 2012

Shakespeare @ the castle

by 3arn0wl

The Shakespeare Amateur Dramatics Society are delighted to present a series of four plays:

The comedy of errors

Much ado about nothing

Romeo & Juliet


All’s well that ends well

Bring a rug, a picnic and a bottle of Lord Rupert’s finest,  and enjoy some Shakespeare in the grounds of the Castle this Summer.

June 23, 2012

Scrum-P with Rosie

by 3arn0wl

Rub a dub dub
She sat in the pub
Enjoying Lord Rupert’s Rosé!
Tom Bell grabbed a cider,
Sidled up beside her
And frightened poor Rosie away.

June 17, 2012

Father’s Day

by 3arn0wl

& Fr. Jamesbrother came to visit.  They reminisced about their late father and had crumpets for tea.

Poppy’s nipped over to di godfather’s with her kid.  He’s asked her to sit for him.

Justin Case gave his granddad the pole tacks he’d found whilst panning in the Bredy last Tuesday.

Rose Wood presented Dawn Redwood to her father.  He really wasn’t expecting a family tree.

And as Lord Rupert ascended the staircase in the Great Hall, he admired once more each of the paintings of his …. …..!

June 7, 2012


by 3arn0wl

Sales of his Nouveau had been brisk last Autumn.

His Van Rouge has always been popular.

And once the first vinegar-overtones have assailed the palate, customers seem happy to quaff large quantities of his Blanc Plonk.

But in honour of English Wine WeekLord Rupert’s got his Special Reserve fizzing Rosé out.  And corks are popping everywhere!

June 4, 2012

Masses at Snodding Hall

by 3arn0wl

On what has been a most glorious weekend, it was inevitable that large numbers of people would make their way up to Lord Rupert’s estate.

With the trees and borders resplendent with their Springtime adornment, the gardens were looking magnificent.  Many made the most of the weather; enjoying a picnic or a barbecue amidst the “Capably landscaped grounds”.  A few teenagers (and more than one dog) splashed in the lake, whilst others languished under the dappled shade of the trees, drinking Chianti fiasco, and reading the Romantic poets to their lovers.

Lots of people went inside the historic hall – “Remodelled during The Restoration by Barry” – and marvelled at the opulent splendour of the lobby.  Lord Rupert was particularly excited to show off his Priest’s Hole.

All in all, an excellent day of bird watching, Chianti-drinking and Sun-burning.

May 20, 2012

Match Report

by 3arn0wl

The cricket season’s here again, and the Snodding & Sniffy side have challenged Chorley University’s First 11 to a match:

@ the crease

Harry Driver drove through the covers for a boundary;

Andy got caught L-B;

Oliver Over’s over’s over.  He’s out for a quack – ran out by Godwin Heal.  Captain Rupert, Lord Snodding’s had a good innings though. He’s got a century – looks like the 15th.

And @ tea, Crispin & Jonathan were two not out!

In the field

ᗡႱ bowled a maiden over;

Hugh Wood delivered a googly which Ray Burns blocked;

And Poppy was caught delivering a full toss behind the pavillion.

[I’ve absolutely no idea what any of this means]

April 19, 2012

Pink to frazzled, but not well done

by 3arn0wl

Lord Rupert’s bubble ducked.  Twice.

He’d just agreed to let Michelle Biskup’s bank come for a Murder Mystery weekend.

Had he checked the diary he would have noticed that there was a wedding party already booked in.

And then there’s the ‘Open your place up for free’ event that takes place each year.  There’ll be hoards of people everywhere!  He shouldn’t moan about that of course – the tea shop will do well,  and it’s a very good advert for the place.

But he was going to be running around like a mad marshal!  It was going to be murder!