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February 28, 2012

Going off grid

by 3arn0wl

Following the water turbines coming on-stream, and the regeneration of the anaerobic digester, Poppleton & its locality is now generating most of its own electricity.

In an open meeting, the Town Council expressed the intention of furthering this aim, by turning the street lights off between midnight and 5a.m..

Inspector Force was obviously concerned that under the blanket of a complete blackout, there could be an increase in nefarious activities.  He suggested the use of motion sensors to activate lights in some areas.

However,  keen astronomer and local resident,  Tom Bell,  spoke animatedly about the benefits of being able to appreciate the heavens more easily without the light pollution.

The council decided to trial the idea for a fortnight, to see what happens.

September 28, 2011

A bit of a blockage

by 3arn0wl

The A440 was anything but harmonious earlier today…

A number of police escorts flanked the slow procession of the two Archimedes screw turbines and a large Crown crane,  along the ring road to the banks of the Burbling,  creating a huge tail-back of traffic.

Lifting the turbines and placing them into the water generated watts of interest, as did the divers securing them into position.

Chief Exec of Green Gen, Jenny Rator,  said: “With the strong and constant current of the Burbling, the turbines are already kicking out more electricity than we’d expected.”

That must’ve been a bit embarrassing for them, but I guess you have to go with the flow with these things.

September 2, 2011

Weir delighted

by 3arn0wl

Poppleton Council are delighted to be able to announce that following the lead of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, two 40-tonne Archimedes Screw Turbines are to be lowered into the Burbling, downstream from the weir, later this month.

Hydro-power works by using flowing water to drive turbines, which generate electricity. “The turbines run silently, and will not be visible, and so they won’t spoil this attractive, popular idyll,” Jenny Rator, Chief Exec of Green Gen said.  “Nor will they interfere with wildlife in any way.”

The council plans to “power” municipal buildings using renewable energy from November; including schools, council buildings and the emergency services. The residual power generated overnight will be used to charge their electric vehicles.

Poppleton Council’s head of planning, Prue Vidor (Ms.), said: “This is an excellent initiative. It underlines the council’s commitment to localism and green issues, and it will be a boon for the community for generations.”