Much Fiddling & Tossing

by 3arn0wl

Thousands, hundreds, several young people flocked to Gawthrop Farm, for the annual music festival this week.

Festival goers – dressed in dungarees, checked shirts and straw hats – went crazy when the Headline Act, The Wurzels (tribute band) sang their top ten thousand hit… You don’t get drunk: clambering at the bar for the Flying Pig’s Scrum-P.

Nick Berry proved to be a recidivist – he was seen leaving the farm after his set, with countless punnets of strawberries he’d plundered, and a very red mouth.

The planned Karaoke was transformed into a Barn Dance when an amateur group of accountants from Chorley turned up and started fiddling.

And in the quagmire that was twenny acre field, there was an unexpected outbreak of welly-tossing. Sheep were apparently stunned by the accuracy of some of the throws.


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  1. Question 2. What’s Babababababra-ann’s favourite hymn?

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