High Spirits

by 3arn0wl

Parishioners were all set to e-mail the videos they’d taken on their smart-phones earlier to the Archbishop of Canterbury, in the hope that he’d declare events at the Hallowed Prostitute, a Miracle.

Hundreds of doves  descended from the roof, as worshippers were celebrating Pentecost.

Church Acolyte Angel Feathers said, “It were amazin’.  All of a sudden, all these pigeons swooped down, and started peckin’ at the corn the vicar ’ad dropped ont’ altar.”

On further investigation however, Church Warden, Imin Charge uncovered several bird cages in the vestry, and declared it to be just another stunt by the vicar.  “If he thinks I’m going to be scrubbing that bird muck off those wooden carvings up there, he’s got another thing coming”, she said.  “This is a church, not a bloomin’ Hitchcock film”.

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