It’s all in the mix

by 3arn0wl

They’d been working on a flashmob performance for weeks. Poppleton High’s Vocal Ensemble plus some beatboxerz and instrumental vocalisers had arranged a medley of market stall related ditties.

They’d assimilated themselves for the morning with the market traders,  and were all set to go at lunchtime.

Unfortunately however, the radio mics they’d equipped themselves with from the Drama Department, just happened to use the same frequency as the one Fr. James Dean of St. Nick’s was using to broadcast the midday prayers in the Minster.

And so it came to pass that the response to “Lord, in your mercy” was “Yes! we have no bananas.”


One Comment to “It’s all in the mix”

  1. Question 6. What’s the name of Moh Ahmeddoh’s mourn lower?

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