Don’t be a-llarmed

by 3arn0wl

That heavily quaffed figure you’re seeing tottering towards the pen in her banana-hue twinset and pearls is Margot Lemon.  And in that mighty handbag, nothing more than the humble tools of her trade.

She’s on her busman’s holiday – once a year she gives the Gawthrop llamas a good seeing to:  short back and sides.

And as she’s ambling along, she’s catching up with the latest online news from press Here on her smartphone, and not really paying attention to where she’s going –

– and ending up, waist-deep in the slurry pit.

It was difficult to ascertain however, whether she was more upset

  • by the dunking,
  • that her twinset is now twin-tone, or

Next week: Tricia Lowe makes Magic Carpets in natural colours to sell at the craft market.

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