March 32nd…

by 3arn0wl

… and there was April Foolery everywhere:

Tim Panini had put Fiona on the rota to work. When she got there she was greeted with “April fool”. She had the last laugh though – she wrote a spoof letter of resignation.

Jenny Darling dumped DJ by text message, which upset him momentarily, until a text five minutes later invited him ‘round for a Sunday Roast.

Harry had nipped out and put a “Sorry for the damage” note on his dad’s Leaf, then cracked up as he watched him give it a thorough examination.

Maria told her dad that she’d had her navel pierced. He went ballistic until she said “April fool”. She neglected to tell him she’d had a tattoo done though.

And Poppy chose her father’s birthday to tell him that they were having a kid. But  Eddie wasn’t falling for that old chestnut! April fool.

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