Ass goes AWOL after running amuk

by 3arn0wl

Several old-aged pensioners were bowled over earlier this morning,  by a stampeding donkey at the Hallowed Prostitute.

GuyAngela Anyould’s ass – was making her annual appearance at the Palm Sunday service when she suddenly lashed out,  kicking the verger on his left shin.

The incident happened during the processional hymn,  and several members of the choir were mown down as the bucking mule made a beeline for the exit.

Ambulances,  the Police,  the RSPCA and carrot-growing market gardeners were all called for assistance.

Eye-witness acolyte Angel Feathers (15) said “It were awful. I think it got spooked by flashlight photography, and it just lost it”.  Church Warden Imin Charge added “That’s the last time the vicar will be allowed to implement his hair-brained ideas.  There’s donkey s*** everywhere.”

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