Sport, sport everywhere…

by 3arn0wl

After a hiatus of 27 tournaments, Hugh Wood was back on winning form again on the Tooting links, beating Ian Waite into convincing second position.  “This was coming,” Wood said.  “I’ve been close a number of times.”

An armada of evenly grouped rowers gathered to do battle on the Burbling in the grace of the March sunshine.  In a highly competitive afternoon’s racing, a Spanish boat sank.  “Estoy empapando.”  Emilio said.  “Necesito una ducha.”

And Poppleton was awash with brightly coloured tee shirts and shorts yesterday as a tsunami of the great and the good and the fit and the fat surged along the A440 towards the finish line for some Sport Relief. “That were exhaustin’”, observed Chorley University undergraduate Pixie Smith. “I’ll ‘ave t’ go fer a lie down now”.

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