The Highgate Run

by 3arn0wl

Despite the plummeting temperatures,  the Highgate Run remains perpetually popular and students,   attired in surprisingly little,  totter in increasing states of inebriation between the Railway Hotel and the Nag’s Head.

The ale at the Swindlestock Tavern is as sour as ever,  and the students registered their customary dissatisfaction by setting off a fire extinguisher.  Landlord John Croidon complained bitterly and an ‘honorary degree’ was immediately conferred upon him.

Two Media Studies undergraduates came to blows,  though over what,  remains unclear.

Two lovers in union were espied up the alley. There may well be some regrets and worries about that in the morning.

And,  quite unsurprisingly,  the Vice-Chancellor was found drunk and incapable in the Carpenter’s Arms 😉 but,  since she’s a freeman of the city,   she was scooped up and bundled into a taxi.

So.  Just the usual term-time Thursday night in Chorley then.

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