A conundrum (6)

by 3arn0wl

What was Noel Tall doing taking a piece of farming equipment into Daley Bread?


16 Comments to “A conundrum (6)

  1. Is this question on a knead to know basis?

  2. Hmmm

    A drill for making holes in doughnuts?

  3. Or a rice milling machine, maybe, to prepare the grain for making glutinous rice dumplings for the Lantern Festival?

  4. Close, except it’s a six letter word…

  5. lol Nope.

    What links a gossip and a piece of farm equipment with something a baker does? It’s a conundrum.

  6. No more clues – – – – – let me think – –

  7. Does it have anything to do with the Chinese New Year, or not?

  8. (ok, so one more clue, please 🙂 )

  9. It does have something to do with the Chinese New Year – in particular, something they do on that day.

    What’s another word for Conundrum?

  10. enigma, puzzle – – – still thinking – – –

  11. ah! I might be getting warmer with riddle, perhaps?

  12. Thank you. I enjoyed that! 🙂

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