ten-ten, good buddie

by 3arn0wl

It was the highly charged grudge match against their old Derby rivals again, and somewhat predictably things were not going well: It was nearly half time and the underdogs were already losing 9-0, and the Chorley Wanderers Football team were down to 10 men. It looked like the Rams were heading for a cricket score, and the Wanderer’s manager was losing the will to live. On conceding their tenth goal, Chorley Wanderers goalie, Slippy Fingers, was given “Not Out”.

But something must have happened in the interval.  Was it the team talk?  Was it the special brew provided by their sponsors, the Flying Pig?  Or was it the hat-trick that Kyle performed in the dressing room?  Whatever it was, the Wanderers were wandering aimlessly no more.  In a tight, disciplined display, they put 10 past their rivals in the last 10 minutes!

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