The Dragon of Tooting tunnel

by 3arn0wl

Several loyal readers got in touch with press Here earlier today to report some unusual goings on in Tooting tunnel:

  • Tooting resident, Joe Appleby was awoken by hissing and loud roars;
  • Rosie Barriclough was considerably disconcerted by the vibrations she felt underfoot as she delivered the day’s mail;
  • And Granny Smith, on her way into Poppleton on the 2B noticed a voluminous amount of smoke emanating from the tunnel exits.

Mike West and the boys were summarily summoned to the scene, and approached the aperture with all due caution. They knew all about the legend of the dragon of Tooting tunnel.

In the event though, the Tooting Dragon hadn’t been aroused at all: it was Roger Moore and his fireman, Lord Rupert, tinkering on the footplate of the Blue Riband.

And weren’t they ashen faced on being discovered!

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