Faith, Hope & Redistribution

by Tim Panini

The Sally Army just dropped a bag through the letterbox, soliciting used clothes. Do they really believe that we don’t know that our free gift is a commodity sold in Kenya’s markets?

Cancer Research sent a letter. It’d got a cheap plastic biro inside, with their logo emblazoned on it. I suppose they hope it’ll prompt the recipient of a small trinket to write a big fat cheque. It didn’t work though – the pen I mean, though their plan too, I guess.

At least the British Heart Foundation rang the door bell, and got £1.27 for their trouble – the only change I had in my pocket, leftover from a £2 coin I’d tendered to buy a Mars Bar Duo. (Though I did give the collector half the chocolate too.)

Tsk! Rubbish collectors, these days.

They could learn something from the Guide Dogs for the Blind. They use cute labradors and real blind people outside the supermarket to charm your money from you!

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