Coffee with (s)cream, please

by 3arn0wl

Well.  It’d frightened her half to death,  she didn’t mind admitting it.

Gaia Daley had finally given in, and bought an electric coffee bean grinder for the bakery – so much easier than grinding the beans manually every time Ellie Wan wanted a skinny latte.

Paul Bearer had been in as usual for his Daley croissant and Grande Americano, and as she was grinding, it appeared. The Symbol. On her floured board. Of course she screamed, assuming it was a message from The Other Side. Paul Bearer had seen that icon before, just couldn’t remember where.

Thinking that there must be a logical explanation, he phoned Tom Bell. He’d seen this pattern before too – in two places actually. He came over with a tone generator,  a speaker,  a board and some sand and,  just like the Year 9s had done at the end of last term,  selected different frequencies to form a series of shapes.

Then he took them both over to St. Nick’s, and showed them the carvings in the quire: they were exactly the same!  They found Hezekiah Pratt there, busily …… …..! 😉


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