What? You Will?

by 3arn0wl

Well, it’s all a bit complicated really!

Ever since the pantomime, it’s been no secret that Justin Case’s got a huge crush on Millie Boinet – something she’s done her best to discourage. But it’s less well-known, that ever since she arrived at the school at the beginning of the year, Justin’s friend Oli has been massively in love with him.

At some point Millie’s best friend, Maria, decided that it might be good sport to tell that dullard in the rugger team that he might be in with a chance with the fragrant Millie if he wore the silliest of lime green toppers as a fashion statement. This, mainly because she had the hots for the 1st team’s fly half. Phwoahhhh.

Now it came to pass that Oli’s older brother, Will, went to see the panto, mainly because Oli wanted to ‘support’ her friend, Justin. And would you believe it, he was spell-bound by Cinders. :/

How will it all turn out?

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