They were all a little sniffy

by 3arn0wl

Actually, they made quite a good job of the wedding:

Andy and his best man DJ John Deere, attired in their morning suits hired for the occasion, arrived on their quad bikes.

The bride was at the demur end of tardy and, quite aptly, floated down the aisle to The arrival of the queen of Sheba.

The congregation sang Love Divine, all love’s excelling, and listened to 1 Corinthians, and Alistair Crookes’ sheep safely grazed in the field behind the church whilst they signed the register.

After the prayers and another hymn the Lowe-Bannisters left  the church to the strains of a Trumpet Involuntary and headed over to The Pig to celebrate.

Andy’s insistence that the honeymoon was to be a week in a caravan at Skeggy, was perfectly pitched to wind Poppy up. He had after all, got hold of her passport, and booked a fortnight’s luxury in Lamu.


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