I saw three ships come sailing in

by 3arn0wl

In what has to be one of the most magical displays of the Advent illuminations, the boats on the Burbling were decorated with lights, which reflected beautifully on the rippling water.

Hezekiah Pratt was walking along the riverbank, and thought that some people gave their boats odd names:

  • There was a coxless pair in a boat called Madonna & child.
  • An Optimist humorously named Whither sail?
  • Old Jack Evans had somewhat prosaically named his narrow boat after his kids: Liam & Beth
  • The pretty little launch, so popular amongst the tourists was aptly called, La Belle, as was the lifeboat, Angel.

And as he walked towards the castle and into Poppleton, he hummed a jaunty carol and his heart rejoiced.

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