god what a night!

by 3arn0wl

Now then. Not many companies have their work’s Christmas do on a steam train, but then again, not many MDs have a folly as large as a steam train and a five-mile stretch of track to have a work’s do on.

But this year, Roger Moore was proud to stand on the foot-plate and tootle along to Tooting for a bit of festive fun.

Sally, from the Bourbon line,  was put in charge!  Of course there was food, there was booze, and everyone was in colourful costume and silly hats. And there was music and dancing and reveries aplenty until late into the evening:  the fetters of the formal boss-worker relationship were unbound, at least for one night.

And although they’d had a good laugh at the MD‘s expense all night, he still gave them each their Christmas bonus!

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