by 3arn0wl

It’s the second night of Poppleton High’s PantoCinderella, and if it’s anything like last night, Cinders will go to the ball.

But not if Ivy Newbrush and Imin Charge – the Ugly Sisters – have anything to do with it!  Oh no!  They’ve given her enough “homework” to keep her occupied ’til next Summer.

Justin Case was obviously typecast as Buttons, and despite his ungainly manner, he managed to garner the affection of the audience.

P.E. teacher, Paul King played a hapless Baron Hardup, who it seemed had a hard time keeping his lusty daughters in check.  Indeed he was powerless even to prevent Cinders going to the Ball in Vic Aler’s Coach.

At that moment,  the fire alarms went off, and it was unclear to the audience whether it was a real emergency or not, until the handsome Harry Prince burst onto the stage to ask the Ugly Sisters if they’d lost their slippers.  Of course they hadn’t!

And neither had Cinders, who was down in the kitchens enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with Buttons!



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