All in a spin

by 3arn0wl

Moh and Juan were busy planting up a sharp triangle of Betula Jacquemontaii at the far end of the park. At Morning Coffee time, Juan opened his snap tin to find that the missus had put some home-baked Cattern Cakes in.  He shared them with Moh.

Millie Boinet’s lunchtime fashion show at Poppleton High was going well. The audience found the hats she’d made, errr,  fascinating!  There were, of course, biscuits all round afterwards.

In the afternoon, Emily Appleby took some along to Alistair, and caught him singing to his flock! Honestly!  Sometimes she thinks he cares more about those bloomin’ sheep than he does about her.

And The Spinners (Tribute) were playing at The Place for one night only.

But could Fred fix Catherine’s wheels? :-/


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