Good ‘Evans!

by 3arn0wl

Even with the stress of the auction coming up at the weekend, Jack Evans couldn’t help searching for them.  It had become an all-consuming passion.

  • He’d been to the park lots of times and taken interest in the trees in people’s gardens.
  • He’d done some research on the internet.
  • And he’d had a number of in-depth conversations with Moh Ahmeddoh.

Onlookers find it a little odd that he keeps picking up the seeds that have fallen from Acers, but he doesn’t care.

He takes them home and pots them up in carefully labelled egg boxes – Acer cissifoliumAcer triflorum, Acer palmatum ‘osakazuki’ and others he found harder to identify – hoping they’ll germinate come Springtime.

He’s planning to plant an acre of Acers, all of which he’s propagated himself.

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