What an heifort!

by 3arn0wl

It had been a very busy night on Aptrick Farm, Little Sniffy.

The girls had been inside for well over a week now, and, in their condition, had been enjoying the extra fodder with some grain in it.

Harry Driver had been up all night tending his cows, and whilst most had calved easily,  one of each pair of twins had managed to come out ƨbɿɒwʞɔɒd.

There had been one with dystocia, however:  its right leg was under its chest, which meant that Harry had to scrub up, and go in.  After some struggle to push back the head of the calf,  he’d managed to bring the foot forward, and then Amber did the rest.  She got up immediately afterwards and started licking the heifer.

All that’s needed now,  are some names for the new arrivals…


6 Comments to “What an heifort!”

  1. Names for the new calves courted…

  2. What breed/colour is the calf?

  3. Oh – calveS – – – –

  4. Here we go, then 🙂

    Custard – – on a dairy product theme

    Alderney – – another Channel Island

    Gansey – – types of jumper 😉

    Cider – – apple theme (from farm name)
    Rosie – – cos it goes with Cider 😉

    Spud (short for Jersey Royal)

    How am I doing?

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