Heavenly bodies

by 3arn0wl

Tom Bell had hoped that the cloud and mist would have cleared. He’d wanted to take his telescope over to Tooting, to take a look at that huge asteroid that was passing between the Moon and the Earth. At least, he hoped that the scientists had got their calculations right, because if it hit Earth, it’d make a big dent!

He thought about the 127kg Ensisheim Meteorite which struck a wheat field outside the village in Alsace on the 8th November 1492, and the shockwaves that produced.  He wasn’t superstitious at all, you understand,  but he did think it was an uncomfortable coincidence.

Conversely, Justin Case was hoping that the scientists had got their calculations wrong, and that the asteroid would hit the Earth – preferably somewhere near Lower Snodding. He’d  read recently that Meteorites delivered gold to Earth, and he thought he might be able to get his hands on some of  it! 😉

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