“May your holiday be blessed.”

by 3arn0wl

Moh Ahmeddoh’s had a few days off!

He’d got loads of annual leave mounting up and, well apart from planting tulip bulbs, tidying up after Bonfire Night, and the endless, unwinnable battle against the falling leaves,  there wasn’t much doing.

He’d thought about going abroad, but decided to stay home in the end:

He’d been to have his hair cut.

He’d skimmed stones on the Bredy.

He’d even been for a run on Lord Rupert’s Estate.

And as he walked around the town hall in Market Square, he got to thinking about the story of Abraham and Ishmael.  Well! That gave him a craving for a Lamb Rogon Josh from the Chorley Tandorley, with a Keema naan!


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