by 3arn0wl

Prue Vidor did a thorough search of all her stock rooms – as she always did on “five eleven” – just to make sure that there weren’t any zealots in silly hats lingering around suspiciously.

Michelle Biskup inspected the bonfire for mammals as usual, and moved Erin Aceidae to safer ground.

Harry Prince and the lads had checked and rechecked the fireworks, to ensure that the display would dance in flowing choreography.  As usual, Hezekiah Pratt waved his effervescing sparkler around,  as they fiddled in the bandstand.

And as everyone watched in utter delight as the fireworks roared into space, Rupert, Lord Snodding, transfixed by the spinning Catherine Wheels, reflected that it’s not that long ago since the country was riven by religious and political intolerance.


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