Mizzy Night

by 3arn0wl

The Faerys are out in force!

All the gates in Poppleton had been unhinged and switched with others.

Ambush webs were stretched over the doors jambs of the Dew Drop Inn.

Knockers were strung together, and the strings pulled as the terrorists ran off.

Tins had been attached to car bumpers.

And sweet peas were sown in the council’s beds.

But over at Little Sniffy, they are ready for ‘em!

Lilly Watts and J. W. Constable, armed with nothing more than hosepipes connected to cold water taps, took up sentry duty around corners and behind walls.  It was gorilla warfare out there!

Well, until 10 o’clock, when they all went off to the Village Hall for a mug of Hot Chocolate.


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