The world turns on its dark side… It is Winter

by 3arn0wl

Justin Case thought Mr. King’s Assembly would be about someone who’d gone too far with the Trick or Treating, or a warning to behave properly on Mizzy Night, but instead he kept banging on about Sam Hain. Justin had never heard of him. He wasn’t in his Year. He didn’t think he was famous. And he really couldn’t work out how Sam and Summer could be the same person at all. But Summer’s a girl’s name anyway, isn’t it?  Oh.  Perhaps Sam was short for Samantha?  Hmmm.  Nah.  He didn’t know any Samantha Hains either.

But what he really couldn’t understand was why Mr. King spent 20 minutes telling them about how s/he wouldn’t be doing any more ploughing.  At least not this year.

Justin knew that everyone had finished drilling their Winter wheat ages ago.  It was already showing!

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