Oh! Hallow

by 3arn0wl

Lit only by jack o’ lanterns and a big log fire

Decorated with cobwebs and bats and broomsticks and mice

A sound-track of ghost stories punctuated with chromatic, dramatic organ music –

The Dew Drop Inn was all set for an evening of horror.

Guests turned up in gory garb – the witch and the ghoul, the hangman and the Grim Reaper –

To enjoy a cauldron of cold, steaming witch’s brew and a bowl of ghoulash

To be frightened by horror stories –

But most of all, in the eager anticipation of a visit from the coaching inn’s famous headless ghosts.

And in that bewitching hour, the magic spell and the witch’s potion worked –

Gaffer Cakes and the lads got tanked up.

Michelle Biskup, and the girls did the Time Warp.

And Tom Bell’s never been so scared in all his life!

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