Spaced out

by 3arn0wl

Tom Bell’s eschewed the bright lights and the noise of the city.

Not for him the Highgate Run.  Nor did he wish to jig about The Place.  He wasn’t even interested in a Paneer Makhani with a peshwari naan and a mushroom bhagi side at the Chorley Tandorley.

For tonight, there was going to be quite a show! Meteors zapping across the sky as the Earth moves through the particles Halley’s Comet shedded 26 years ago.

  • He’s got his flask of Spicy Pumpkin Soup and a round of sandwiches.
  • He’s got his 12 megapixel XLR camera with its long lens pointing in the direction of the shower.
  • And he’s got his eight incher out.

So he’s all set for a peep at one of the wonders of the Universe.

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