The apple ‘app-ning

by 3arn0wl

As they arrived at Cox’s Farm, people were asked to guess the names of half a dozen apples. Shockingly though, only two or three varieties were correctly identified. People did seem keen to learn however; eagerly sampling the 57 Varieties.  And large quantities of this year’s vintage cider, perry & juices were also quaffed!

The apple cake recipes went down so well, that Crispin and Jonathan determined to open a tea-shop amidst the apple trees.  They reckoned that deck-chairs and low tables should do it, and that it could easily be up and running by next Spring.

Congratulations to Duncan Goodswimmer, who managed to pick out 8 apples in 30 seconds, thus winning the apple bobbing competition.

Granny Smith really didn’t appreciate being shot in the arse all afternoon though by tipsy archers: She courteously pointed them towards the apple atop a life-like scare crow, and kicked them hard in the jacksie just as they fired.

Unsurprisingly, the still-life drawing competition was won by the sonographer from Poppleton Hospital, who drew a pip.

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