by 3arn0wl

The runes on his crook are only for decoration really, but he keeps a tally of the sheep at the going out and the coming in, usually intoning the age-old base 5 litany, Yan, Tan, Tether, Mether, Pip, or by singing a number song.

Tally sticks had gone out of fashion a long time ago, of course – banned after the accidental fire at the Houses of Parliament – but there was something in the meaning of that Alistair really liked.

He was on his way down to Duck End with the girls, to give them a pre-tupping bath, 😉 Amos following his every whistle, when he noticed that one of the sheep was missing.  It was Baaaarbara (as usual).  And so, in a reverse “Shedding”,  Amos was dispatched to bring her back.

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