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by 3arn0wl

School Report

Much of the building work had taken place over the school holiday of course: the ripping out of the stage in the hall and the seats in the theatre, which have been replaced with retractable seating to make the space much more multi-purpose.  The redecorating is now complete, and the furniture has been moved into place.

The books are due to be transferred during half term, but it had been agreed, some weeding out of the stock of both libraries was necessary before then.

It had been a while since Lilly Watts had worked at the library, and then only in a part-time capacity, so it was something of a surprise to receive an urgent telephone call yesterday, from the Poppleton Librarian,  Shelly Wordsworth:  “Could she possibly come in and lend a hand?”

“Makes a change from lending books”, she thought.

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