Knit one, drop one

by 3arn0wl

You can tell it’s been National knitting week

Moh Ahmeddoh has been seen around Poppleton Park in a cable-stitch jersey that’s at least three sizes too big for him.  Still, since the weather’s been so much colder recently, he might come to appreciate it.

The kids at Little Sniffy CofE Primary School have all finished their ‘Fibonacci’ squares for the patchwork muralMrs. M.P. Robinson is unsure whether to reward the skills of several ‘graffiti’ knitters however, who managed to tag their work with messages such as “I woz ‘ere”.

In the pub last night Pussy was having great fun unravelling the moss-stitch scarf that Emily Appleby had spent the week knitting Alistair.

But Justin Case is NEVER going to wear that fair isle mankini his Grandma’s knitted him. Whatever was she thinking?

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