by 3arn0wl

Gerry Wainwright has been pouring molten metal into moulds. She’s founding a bronze, 3D, tactile map of Poppleton, commissioned by the Rotary Club for the Market Square.

Grace Merryweather found a clue in a note on her father’s desk yesterday.  Even though it was upside down, it was easy to read the elegant handwriting in blue fountain pen ink.  It simply read, “ǝɹıɥsʞɹo⅄ oʇ ǝuoפ”, but she comprehended.

And on the day that Thomas Edison showed his first motion picture, Flic. Weston is laying plans to establish an independent cinema in Poppleton – she’s got her eye on the old library building.

Now,  if only Lilly Watts could find her spectacles…

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