A surprise or two

by 3arn0wl

When he awoke the following morning, Antonín Biskup found himself in an aeroplane, attired in tie and tails, complete with a parachute on his back. It seems his friends had organised a little surprise for him after all. :/

The ceremony was scheduled for 3 o’clock, in the ruined Norman church of the castle, overlooking the Burbling, on what turned out to be a glorious ‘Indian Summer’ day.

The lads parachuted into the bailey, just as the girls arrived in the Stage Coach engaged from the Dew Drop Inn beautifully arrayed in their cocktail dresses and fascinators.

A string quartet played Dvořák.

They both, publicly, agreed ‘they did’.

And then Antonín surprised her with the beautifully hand-crafted plaited rings.

After which they all took a decadent afternoon tea on a launch on the Burbling.


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