Follow the bear

by 3arn0wl

In some sort of perverse role reversal, Antonín’s friends were over from Prague for the stag night. They’d dressed him in a bear costume, complete with a yellow jacket and a pork pie hat.

It was hard to differentiate them though from the Chorley University Freshers, lots of whom seemed to be in fancy dress too, and consuming even larger quantities of lager on their way down the Highgate Run.

Meanwhile, the girls were having a much quieter affair on the chesterfields of the Flying Pig. They’d been out to buy their cocktail dresses for the wedding, had had their hair and nails done, and were now settling down to an evening of champers and chat.

No male strippers for the bride.  No stripping the groom naked and handcuffing him to a streetlight.

However, come the end of the evening, and Antonín didn’t end up quite where he’d expected…


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