The Matriculation Steeplechase

by 3arn0wl

There’s great excitement around the courtyard, as the 2011 Great Court Run takes place at noon!

The competitors aim to complete the 341 metre sprint around the perimeter of Chorley University’s quadrangle in the 43 seconds it takes the clock to strike midday:  from the gatehouse tower,  past the chapel spire and the Chaplain’s turreted chamber and over to the Dining Hall steeple, before vaulting the fountain at the finish.

The course has only been completed in the allotted time three times:

  • once by Lord Strapping;
  • on the second occasion by Lord Company;
  • and finally by a thoroughbred horse called Dobbin – though there seems to be some dispute over whether or not he took a short cut.

We’ll wait to see if any of this year’s hopefuls get past the Dining Hall! 😉

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