Are ya mashin’?

by 3arn0wl

There was an exciting delivery for Tim Panini @ the Flying Pig yesterday.

Together with the normal dried hops he’d ordered, there were some fresh, ‘green’ hops too: a bonus during harvest time.  And an opportunity to make a special brew!

He boiled the water in the copper, and mixed the amber malt in, stirring it as he went.  He added some Fuggles to the wort, and let the magic begin.

Then he put his feet up with a mug of tea for an hour.

Taking the wort off the heat,  he added some Goldings,  to give the beer its hoppy aroma.

He waited for the wort to cool, then added the yeast.

In a couple of weeks a new batch of Trotters will be ready!

But what about the green hops?  For an extra layer of complexity Tim Panini added them to a brew that’d just finished fermenting.  That’ll be ready to drink in no time at all! 😀

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