Friday September 23rd, 10:04

by 3arn0wl

As the Earth tilts, the Sun crosses the Equator once again from the northern to the southern hemisphere:  the first day of Autumn.

Wendy Merryweather marked Mabon by going down to the standing stones and witnessed the Sunrise; giving thanks for the fruits of the Earth.  She resolved to collect up the fallen apples in her garden and leave them by the gate for passers-by.

As on any other Friday morning, Lilly Watts went up to the Hallowed Prostitute, to lay flowers on her husband’s grave.  She noticed that the trees were turning, and remembered that the family were coming over for lunch tomorrow.  Of course she didn’t realise that she was enacting Higan.

Moh had noticed an elderly gentleman struggling with his shopping as he walked through the park.  He went over to give him a hand:  a small act of kindness for the festival of Mehregan.

And Eddie Lowe spent the day trying to get one of his chickens’ eggs to stand on its end. 😉

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