Game, set & match

by 3arn0wl

The festivities of last week seem like a distant memory, as farmers throughout the region ploughed through their substantial hangovers with furrowed stoicism, vowing “Never again.”

The sods ploughed in, the soil harrowed into submission, the tilling begun; oats and wheat and barley sown, and all manner of root-crops drilled.

Nothing formal, you understand.  But they all appraise each other’s efforts: glance over the hedgerows to compare the line…

Andy Bannister usually takes pride in the straightness of his award-winning furrows.  But not this year.  He seems to’ve ended up with a series of intricate tessalated heart shapes.  Decidedly wobbly.  And probably modern art.

“He’s literally lost the plot,” DJ John Deere observed. “Well I think it’s very romantic,” countered Poppy Lowe.

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