Copy that

by 3arn0wl

Emily Appleby had taken the 2B into Poppleton, to pop into the Cottage Hospital for her 12 week nuchal scan.

She lay on the gurney and endured the lubing up, then watched in wrapped amazement, as the sonograph produced images of the baby’s head and body.

She could see the fingers.

And the toes.

She heard the heart beat.

And as she lay there, transfixed by the images, she only half-heard the sonographer tell her that the baby was healthy. Did he just ask her if she’d like a copy? Of course she would!

So Willy Lord,  sonographer and wannabe caricature artist,  knocked off a quick sketch in no time at all!

But was it a boy or a girl…? You never can tell from those pictures, can you?


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