One man & his dog (named Amos)

by 3arn0wl

Alistair Crookes and Amos have gone up to the World Sheep Dog Trials.  They’re hoping to do better than they did last year, when Amos’s run was less than successful:

Instead of tracing a big arc out beyond the sheep in the Outrun, he just challenged the other dogs to a hundred yard dash.  And won.

He took The Lift rather literally:  jumping over the 5-bar gate like he’d seen the police dogs do – he’d wanted to do that for ages!

For The Fetch, rather than bringing the sheep back, he went to Alistair’s SWB Cabriolet and got out a toy.

On the way, he’d tried to pinch his keys for The Drive,  but Alistair was having none of it,  so Amos ensured that it was him, and not the sheep that ended up in The Pen.

And, never doing anything by half,  Amos decided to merge The Shedding and The Singling,  and just separated all five sheep at the same time.

It was quite unsurprising then, that Alistair Crookes and Amos got no points on the score board – but top marks for style! 😉


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  1. Question 8. Where did Hugh think Norman was?

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