Angela Anyould’s little helpers

by 3arn0wl

In an exciting new initiative, the children of Little Sniffy Church of England Primary School are going to be young farmers.  And Glebe FarmAngela Anyould’s organic smallholding, is to become an outdoor classroom.

Mrs. M.P. Robinson approached Angela Anyould with the idea that small groups of children might visit her on a regular basis, to help milk the cows, hunt for eggs and clean out the ducks.  She thought the younger ones could groom the dogs and the donkey too, and watch the sow suckle.  Mrs. M.P. Robinson has also set aside a piece of school land for them to grow fruit and vegetables for the school kitchen.

“This will be a rewarding symbiotic relationship for all concerned,” Mrs. M.P. Robinson trilled.  “We’ll wait and see about that,” thought Angela.

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