Death by drowning

by 3arn0wl

The police were called to Poppleton castle last night.

Inspector Force and Sergeant John Constable came screeching along in their panda car to find the body of Angela Anyould, of Little Sniffy, drowned in the Burbling.

Local gossip, Noel Tall, has it that she was pregnant by Chorley paramedic, Rex Unwin, and killed herself – unable to face her father, Walter, with the truth.  But her body was bruised, so perhaps there’d been a struggle and she’d been held under the water?

Was Unwin a murderer?  He’d certainly agreed to meet Angela by the river, at her request, but he denied killing his lover, the mother-to-be of his child.

However, Noel Tall proffered another tit-bit of gossip – that arch rival, Poppleton fireman Mike West, who rents a room at Widow Bartlett’s, also had the hots for the victim.  Could he be the murderer?

The police were certainly scratching their heads with the mystery,  until young Grace Merryweather ( aged 8 ) passed over a note with the solution written on it. It seems that she’d just finished reading Death by drowning by Agatha Christie, and  knew the answer to the Murder Mystery.

[No actors were murdered in the performance of this mystery.  In fact, they all went down to the Dew Drop Inn afterwards.]

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