What’s in a nosebag?

by 3arn0wl

Dew Drop Inn 1It would seem that the new menu at the Dew Drop Inn isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Sleb chef, Barry Frier, introduced the fayre on arriving at the pub last month, but it’s really not gone down well with the locals.

Covers have nose-dived, as punters turned their noses up at “drizzled this” or “pan-fried that” “on a bed of…”

“We’re going to have to take another look at this,” landlord of the Dew Drop Inn, Vic Aler said. “There’s obviously something wrong in the mix.”

At that point, Noel Tall stuck her nose in, and told them that it’s probably just a problem of perception – in getting the language right, they’ll get their message across.

P’rhaps they should drop the Bird’s Nest Soup though.


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