Not Anyould Construction

by 3arn0wl

It’s true,  Garry Baldie, Jamie Dodger and Di Gestive do like a beer or two after a hard day’s work, but it’d be wrong to suggest they were ever off the rails.  Overseen by team-leader Gaffer Cakes, they’re Phil Anyould’s muscle behind the Biscuit Line.

The sale of The Old Station in Chorley to the Biscuit Line Action Group, has given the green light to the start of the first phase of development – the five-mile stretch between Moore’s Biscuits and Tooting.  Heavy Plants have been preparing the land, and distributing ballast, in preparation for the sleepers and track.

“It’ll be nice to see a steam train go over the viaduct again,” long-standing Chorley resident, Oliver Bath (84) said. “It’s such a dramatic entrance to the city,” he went on, “Lord Beeching never should’ve scrapped it in the first place.” And on. “Queen Victoria…” and on.

It is hoped that with the development of the Old Station as a restaurant and model shop, and tourists enjoying the picturesque five-mile journey, money will be raised for the second phase of development beyond Tooting to Upper Snodding.


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