Farmers’ Market

by 3arn0wl

The squally weather really did for the farmers’ market in Upper Snodding, yesterday.

It might’ve been a windfall for the fortunate forager, but patrons didn’t appreciate the pummelling they received as malicious malus rained down from the trees near the market, targeting them as accurately as guided missiles.

And in a parody of the Spring bank holiday meet on Cooper’s Hill, rounds of Double Gloucester rolled off the trestle tables, and down Snodding road, chased by the cheese makers. Local shepherd, Alistair Crookes came out of it well though; he managed to round up three 8 pounders.

Only the preserves remained in place; the jams, curds and honey unmoved by the gales. Oh, and a shed load of rhubarb.

In the end, most of the farmers packed their produce away early and cut their molasses.

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