by 3arn0wl

So young!

So vibrant!

What?  Was it just six months ago that she was playing in the fields – dancing in the breeze?

And now look at her –


Cut down in her prime.

The once blindingly bright yellow now turned a drab brown –

– as the seeds are ripened and harvested.

In a new venture, Ginni and Oliver Over have been garnering all the tiny black seeds from the Spring-sown rape around the region.  They’re planning to cold-press them to produce extra-virgin rapeseed oil.  They’re convinced that its mild nutty flavour will be a hit, and with half the saturated fat of olive oil, it’s healthier too!

And there’s a bonus!  Since the residual meal from the crushing is full of protein, they’re planning to use it for animal feed. So nothing goes to waste.

So look out for Home Farm’s Extra Virgin Rape Seed Oil.  And give it a try!

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